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The current atmosphere for investors is fierce. While deals are plentiful, quality and confidence may not be. Next Gen brings you an extensive selection of searchable business investment opportunities, enhanced by robust data and backed by verified analysis. Get the inside track to the fresh, unique, quality deals you’re seeking, and the data you need to make well-informed decisions fast.

We provide a fresh way to find trustworthy, growth-stage companies looking for an institutional investor.

Next Gen Offers More
Solid opportunities provide you with a higher level of confidence and control
Independent third-party analysis of investability offers an unbiased evaluation
Front-loaded due diligence and verified analysis can get you to a deal faster


Due diligence is expensive. Our upfront work will save you time and money on your deals.


Our complex and meticulous 200-point due diligence data room methodology means that you get incredibly comprehensive insight.


Cut your investment process time with our investment assessment. Know what you’re getting on the front end.


The extensive selection of deals we offer means finding exactly what you’re looking for is easy.


Trusted advisors from finance, valuation, legal, and industry offer the solid, specialized knowledge you need to invest with confidence.


Comprehensive due diligence data room and investment assessment give you the whole picture before you commit resources.

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