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Inside the Mind of Next Gen

Next Gen. Capital Holdings, Inc. (Next Gen) has been created to achieve two independent but jointly leveraged themes:

  • Provide access to financial resources that will empower the future of global innovation thinkers.
  • Create an environment where those insightful investors can have access to unlimited investment opportunities.

It’s critical that anyone who aligns with Next Gen understands how important those words are to us, and how they will guide the decisions we make, and why we will do the things we do.

Let me share more.

From Thomas Edison to Henry Ford, Adam Smith to Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, these giants have one constant that is at the core of Next Gen’s foundation. Simply stated: inspiration must occur everyday, from new sources, and cause one’s mind and purpose to soar to new heights multiple times each day. Inspirational innovations, new processes, new thoughts have no boundaries. No previous membership card is required to join. Just elegant simplicity in all of its forms. That’s what Next Gen is all about. Bringing the most powerful tools and networks together to facilitate that daily experience.

At Next Gen, we’re inspired to focus on a specific target market for all of our energies. Why? Because our focus on the emerging capital market is the blood stream for our global economies. Regardless of culture, politics, geographic, education, or any other demographic, no country on planet Earth currently survives without the life-blood of small businesses (emerging markets). That’s a fact that cannot be disputed. But how will that continue to be the case? How can it become more vibrant and robust? In steps Next Gen.

A new consideration

Today, our society has reached new and undefined tipping points never imagined ten years ago. We live in a global world with global innovators, seeking global financial support. Did you know?

  • Over 1.3M new companies were started annually in the US in each of the last three years.
  • Over 55% of those companies were first or second generation immigrants.
  • The second largest group was woman, driven by those leaving the home environment and returning to the workforce.
  • The third largest group were white males over the age of 50 due to early retirements or corporate downsizing impacts.

Growth in Asia-Pacific sectors reflects both innovative technology and traditional manufacturing for infrastructure and scale. Education levels in Asia continue driving significant innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities globally. We live in a world where the majority of people have access to the Internet or mobile phones, critical tools required to share information…as well as thinking, feeling, seeing, and doing.

Small steps to bold leaps

Hence, Next Gen is presented a huge opportunity in our business model by simply leveraging these advantages and other trends within the emerging capital markets. Our initiative is getting qualified, innovative ideas around the global connected with capital to bring them forward.

The world is now intimately connected through the scalability of technology and the power of strong network relationships. Next Gen will create the foundation medium for this market efficiency and community to expand. Sounds big? Maybe. But maybe not. We like our chances because we started with a simple ingredient: relationships. The power of our strategic relationships will allow us to build strong, global opportunities for Next Gen. Ultimately, relationships will be the discovery spirit that will guide everything we do.

As shared in the beginning of this letter, Next Gen has a profound passion that will impact both domestic and global markets. This is a reality that will unfold quickly without hesitation or delay. Small steps are turning into bold leaps….

I started Next Gen based on two decades of great corporate leadership experiences. However, and more importantly, the last 3 years of working with technology and service start-ups in Houston, Texas, has created and branded my passion for Next Gen. It started simply with a pad of paper and a bottle of Gatorade. It grew into rooms in my home covered with papers, diagrams, articles, and an endless number of white boards scattered throughout the house.

From there it became 270 face-to-face conversations in San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, London, Rome, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and every major city between. My goal of persevering through the necessary due diligence was to prove that the idea made sense and an economic engine existed. Mission accomplished.

Since those early days of project scope and validation, we now have some exceptional partner brands and noted advisors supporting our efforts. Another quiet indicator that we’re on the right path.

A new chapter

But now the next chapter of Next Gen must begin. We’ve identified and recruited some very highly talented and creative people who will be the pioneers of Next Gen. They will ultimately influence many of the strategic roads that Next Gen will travel down. Their backgrounds and experiences make them uniquely prepared to achieve these goals.

Their spirits are guided not only in making Next Gen a major force in the emerging capital market environment but also through financial reward for themselves, spouses, children, charities, and their future life enjoyment. Let’s be honest. Highly motivated people, whether investors or employees, want to be associated with great things, including great rewards for their efforts and insights.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter. I truly believe that Next Gen is at a special point in history, and we have an opportunity to have an important impact on bringing innovations of the emerging private markets to life while building an exceptional company in the process.

Elliott J. Nunez
Founder and CEO

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